Flip Friday – Papago

It’s been a while! Let’s chalk it up to extreme busyness and some vacation time. But as I was sitting here after staging this morning, I realized, “Hey, it’s Friday and I could do a quick ‘Flip Friday’ post. So, here it goes! If you want to check out my previous ‘Flip Friday posts, you can find them hereand here


Papago was a mess when we got it…literally an absolute mess. It looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in years. Maybe it hadn’t been? I had my kiddos with me when I walked it and I made them sit outside so they wouldn’t touch ANYTHING in the house. Pretty isn’t it? 🙂

The floor plan was choppy and the kitchen was tiny. We knew walls needed to come down and they did. Hooray! The master bathroom was a bit of challenge. We had nowhere to go in terms of space, so really it was about making it look as good as possible. But really, could it look worse than this? Probably not… 🙂

We took a risk with the kitchen backsplash, but I love it. And I used the black throughout the rest of the house in hardware and lighting to tie it all together. Staging was a blast as well. We knew that bringing in black and white would be important to work with the design choices, but adding the bright pops of color made this house so much fun. The end result is one of favorite spaces. Today was short and sweet. Hope you enjoy!!

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