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5 Steps to a Profitable Vacation Rental

Do you have dreams of getting into home staging or growing your design business?

Are you wondering where to start or what growing a business that serves you and your family looks like?

You have big dreams and an even bigger heart for serving your clients well, but you are missing the “how” to keep clients coming back to you and to attract new ones. 

You have so many ideas and so much passion for where your design business can go, but you need a roadmap of how to best choose what will get you there and allow you to live the life you want at the same time.

And you love your family and your friends, but they just don’t get what you do, why you are so passionate about your business and you are craving connection and community with other creative women to understand you and can relate to you. 

This retreat is what I needed and craved a few years ago…and still do!

This retreat is designed for the the home stager, the real estate investor, the designer that you are and that you want to be.
I’ve literally been where you are and that is why I have created this retreat for you!

-A 4 day all-inclusive retreat experience designed to provide a space for home stagers and interior design focused creatives to learn how to grow their businesses, be in community with other creative business owners and create a business that is full of joy, life, purpose and fun! 

As a creative business owner, wife and mom, I know what it looks like to start a business in the midst of a hectic and crazy life. 

I want to go!

If that is you, then I am so excited to share with you
The Blissful Experience!

The Blissful Experience is for you if...

How do I know if this retreat is right for me?

That sounds like me!!

You want the tools to start or grow your design business.

You are ready to learn how to create a business that supports the life you want to have.

You want to know the secret of how to be full of joy (BLISSFUL!!) in your business,

You are so excited to design spaces to make it possible for investors and builders to make the best return on their investment,

You are ready to grow your team and learn how to hire the people who will help your business thrive.

You want hands on experience and portfolio work that you can use for your own social media pages.

I'm coming!

Right here!

The Blissful Experience is not for you if…

-You don't want to hang out with other awesome women and chat about life, business and where they shop for the best decor pieces.

-It doesn't sound amazing to stay in a beautifully designed and styled home, eat delicious food and have fun.

-You don't want to walk away with awesome tools for your business and your life.

-You have no interest in learning from someone who earns six figures in her own staging business, has staged close 500 homes, while also working with her husband, designing over 250 flips and 17 vacation homes, AND is a wife and mom too!

That is not me at all!
Where can I sign up??

During our four-day experience, we provide you with content that will propel you into action in your business! 

Sounds perfect!

Join us at
The Blissful Experience!

Pricing Details

Hands on styling sessions + portfolio images!

All-inclusive stay in a beautiful vacation home!

Community & Connection with like-minded creative women and soon-to-be new friends!

All meals, snacks & non-alcoholic beverages + special dinner events!

I am so in!!

Tools and actionable items to help you build and grow your business!

Scheduled down time and relaxation - you need to be refreshed!

Thoughtfully curated gifts to spoil you and make you feel special!

That is what 
I need!

Are you ready to have a Blissful business?

Imagine this…you are running the design business of your dreams, you are fulfilled creatively, you are blessing your family and you are helping others by serving them with your business. How awesome does that sound? You may be asking yourself if that is possible. I am here to tell you that it is…completely and totally possible. Is it always easy? Well, no. But is it worth it? You bet it is!! And I want all of those good things for you, girl!! 

There is nothing else like this out there for interior design focused creatives… I know because I have looked and looked! This retreat is born out of exactly what I would have wanted to attend for my own business - learning the tools I needed to grow, being in community with other women who get the struggle of prioritizing business and family life and getting the rest and time of refreshment I so desperately needed (and still do!).

Meet your host

I'm brittany krupnik!

What started as a business from my home where I worked until midnight staging by myself, used my house as my storage unit and regularly stole the rugs and accessories from my own home for staging jobs has involved into an incredible, life-giving business with a full design team, a moving team & a warehouse and studio where we we can stage over 40 homes at a time. 

Did I mention that I did this with 3 kids too? Yep, it can be done!

I know that I have the experience, knowledge and passion to help you grow your design business! I hope that I get to meet you in person and hear all about your business and your dreams!


years of experience


homes designed


recognized by hgtv as a top designer


homes staged

What's included?

all the details

Three nights accommodations 

You will stay at a beautiful Scottsdale home (October 27, 28, 29), designed by Brittany herself and furnished and styled with this event in mind, so that you can be inspired in your surroundings.

Valued at $750

Three days of learning 

Topics on business and life will be carefully selected that will equip you with the tools you need to grow your business, so that you can hone in on your goals and purpose for your business.

Valued at $1,000

Two hands-on creative sessions

You will get to practice styling, learn new design skills and give the experience you need so that you can feel confident in your abilities. Plus, you will have photos that you can use for your own social media pages. 

Valued at $1,000

Gifts and surprises

Thoughtfully curated gifts and fun surprises, so that you to feel spoiled and special throughout the retreat. 

Valued at $500

All meals & snacks

Meals, snack & non-alcoholic beverages will be provided and all of dietary restrictions will be accommodated, so that you won't need to worry about anything during your stay.

Valued at $1.000

Rest & Relaxation

Scheduled down time you can spend however you like so that you can absorb all of the new things you are learning, set goals, dream big and go deeper into what you want your business to be. 


A night out in Scottsdale

We will head to a Scottsdale, so that you can enjoy a delicious dinner and a great time with your new friends. 

Valued at $100

Long-term Community

Access to the private Facebook group so that you can collaborate and find community with other women who are actively growing their business, too. 

Valued at $350


We will provide transportation to and from all retreat events. Please note that attendees are responsible for securing their own transportation to and from the airport for both arrival and departure. 

Valued at $200

This sounds AMAZING! Where can I sign up? 

So glad you asked, friend!

*EXCITED discount for $250 can be used at checkout through September 30, 2019.


(Valued at almost $5,000)

You can also save your spot for $500.

Tour The House You'll Be Staying In!



Q: Do I need to have staged a lot of homes already to attend?
A: No, you don’t! This retreat will meet you wherever you are on your journey in your business and can benefit you. 

Q: Can my husband and kids attend with me?
A: You need this time for yourself, friend! Time to relax and worry only about yourself and your business, so this retreat is only for you! Don’t worry! We will be sending out an email with all the tips you need to prepare for your time away from your family and make it as stress free as possible!

Q: Is my registration refundable?
A: Unfortunately, no. Once you sign up, we will be holding that spot just for you - planning for you to attend, ordering special items and purchasing things to make your stay awesome. If for some reason you are not able to attend, you may be able to transfer your ticket to someone else - just ask and we will let you know if there is enough time to make it possible. 

Q: Do I have to be a designer to attend?
A: This retreat will be geared towards business owners who are in the home staging, design and real estate investment space; however, if you are passionate about home staging and design or have a creative business with a focus on those things, then there will still be plenty of amazing content and tools for you.

Q: Do I need to know anyone to attend?
A: Of course not! All rooms will have 2-4 roomies. Roommate requests are possible if you are traveling with a friend! Otherwise, we will pair you with someone super awesome. :) 

Q: What will we be doing during our free time?
A: You can spend this time in your room or lounging by the pool (either in your swimsuit or a blanket depending on our October weather!). Or you can have a snack and chat with new friends! It's meant to be a time for you to spend relaxing however is best for you!

Still have questions?

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.
You can e-mail us at hello@blissfuldesignstudio.com

I'm coming!

If you made it this far and you still don't know if this retreat is right for you, I want to chat with you!

Schedule a 15 minute 1:1 with me, so we can talk about whether or not the Blissful Experience is where you should be this fall!

Schedule my call!