One Room Challenge Spring 2020 | Girl’s Bedroom Makeover Week 1

Hello, everyone!! Today kicks off the first day of the Spring 2020 One Room Challenge in Partnership with Better Homes & Garden. I am so excited to be a guest participant and taking on a girl’s bedroom makeover for my daughter, Addison. I have been wanting to join for a number of years, but I never took the leap to sign up. But my daughter, who is 10 1/2, has been asking me for a few months if she could update her room. I felt like this could be a really fun project to take on for the two of us, especially since we have so much more time at home together than we normally do. So, let’s dive right into this bedroom makeover for the One Room Challenge!

The current Room

Her room currently is pretty cute. I bought this head board a few years ago and I loved the bright and playful color palette that it allowed me to use. We originally used it in our previous home and when we moved into this new house almost 2 years ago, we brought all of the same furniture pieces over and chose paint colors to work with the headboard. I think over the last year and a half since we moved in, we can both admit that we don’t love the bright pink above the moldings any more. And I think Addison is ready for a new space that better fits her needs and the fact that she is really a tween now and not a little girl. 

The Plan

There are a number of things that we are hoping to accomplish over the next 8 weeks of this challenge for the girl’s bedroom makeover. Here are some of the goals and changes that we hope to make:

  1. A brand new color palette – which means painting over the bright pink above the board and batten. 
  2. Add more storage – she loves to read and has a lot of books. 
  3. Add a desk – TBD if this will be purchased or if it will be built.
  4. Get a new rug – this one is all bumpy and messed up from us not using a rug pad.
  5. Switch out the lighting – maybe sconces above her nightstands. 
  6. Move her dresser into the closet – this will allow us room for a desk.
  7. Hang the chair in the corner – that’s a maybe item if I can figure out how best to support it, so it doesn’t come crashing down from the ceiling. 
  8. Add art – right now we are limited in our space based on the ceiling height and the molding. We might look into adding a picture ledge above her bed to allow us a place to lean art since hanging is not an option.
  9. Replace the curtain panels – the ones there are too short and also falling out of the wall. I want to raise the drapery rod up (and get a different one) and buy new, longer curtain panels. 
  10. Add other new furniture – such as a new headboard and maybe new nightstands. 

The inspiration

We are in the very beginning phases of this room makeover…as in we decided late last night that we were officially doing her room. So, our plans are not fully formed. However, we do have a color palette in mind and I think it’s going to be dreamy! The first 2 photos are color palettes that we both really liked, but individually we felt like they weren’t complete. 

What we really liked in the first photo were the muted colors. The black, blue grays and green were a departure from what she already has.

The second photo brought in the blush and coral and beige, but still kept the blue grays. However, it was missing the darker colors to ground it.

Which brings us to our next photo… Look at the color of those beads!! It’s like the perfect combination of the photos above. It has the deeper colors of the off black and darker blue gray and dark teal. But then it brings in the blush, cream/taupe colors. I like that it adds the gold and the green color is still there, but a bit lighter. This girl’s bedroom makeover is going to be soft, earthy and warm. But colorful enough to still feel like it’s for a 10 year old.

One Room Challenge Spring 2020 | Girl's Bedroom Makeover

Next week, I look forward to sharing with you a more fully formed concept with a design board and some progress, hopefully!!

In the meantime, make sure you check out the featured designers and other fellow guest designers. There are some really great projects going on! I am so thankful to be a part of this and I can’t wait to take you along on this room makeover over the next few weeks!

  1. hilltownhouse says:

    This is the most gorgeous color palette – I’m so looking forward to seeing it in the space

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