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Bans are starting to lift and that means slowly but surely we can get back to our normal lives (safely, of course!). We can’t help but look forward to spending time with our friends and loved ones while showing them a good time, whether it be on elegantly styled patios or in the comfort of your own kitchen. We’re sharing our favorite styling and hosting tips to make you the life of the party and make a welcome turn to normalcy. Starting with our favorite cookbooks, filled with recipes sure to satisfy everyone, and did we mention, they’re also great for creating a “wow,” design moment, in any kitchen. 

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Styling Tips

Not only do these books include so of our all-time favorite recipes, but they’re such a great choice when it comes to styling kitchen spaces. These tips our some of our favorite ways to incorporate them!

Use Fresh Fruits & Veggies

Take a trip to your local farmer’s market and pick up so fresh fruits and vegetables! Not only are you helping your local community, which is so important at this time, but they can give your space an ever so subtle pop of color. Thanks to the seasonality of fruits and veggies, you can have an ever-changing display, or you can spotlight ingredients from the recipes. 

Style with Functional Items

Next, a useful tip would be to style your cookbooks using functional items such as utensils, bowls, or mugs. This is also a great opportunity to showcase pretty glassware or canisters that hold your utensils.

Display delectables

Sure, cookbooks are great at providing us with delicious recipes, but can we talk about some of the photography featured in these? And what a better way to create a moment then to put a delectable feast on display, not to mention there are plenty of gorgeous stands ready to be set on your counter. 

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Hosting the perfect gathering

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Decide who to invite

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Plan your menu

What you decide to serve sets the tone for your gathering. Is it a casual hangout or something a little fancier? Do you want the night to be short or do you want people to hang out for a while? I love a good Italian night with a charcuterie board, crusty garlic bread and a pasta dish. Serve it with wine and end it with an Italian layer cake. We love smoking a brisket and serving it with fruit, grilled corn and a salad or maybe some mac n cheese too. Serve some cherry beer and browned butter rice krispies treats and yum! Either way, make sure it’s something fun that you love to cook and make and it helps if you can make some of the items ahead of time too to save time. 

Prepare for guests

This tip is twofold. It’s about preparing your home to welcome your guests and also prepping to make things easier for yourself when everyone is gone. Before my guests come over, I like to pick up my house, especially the areas that are going to be seen by my guests. Adding fresh flowers and greenery makes the space feel really welcoming. Making sure you have a fresh hand towel in the guest bathroom is essential and a candle lit are small ways you can prepare your house for guests. 

I also like to pre-clean my kitchen as well to make sure that my dishwasher is empty. It makes cleaning up after everyone has left much quicker. 

Set the table

Using pretty dishes can make your gathering feel special and well thought out. Try using a pretty salad bowl and tongs or a charcuterie board that makes a statement. Sometimes I don’t have time to do a full table setting or maybe I don’t want to do dishes, so it could be as simple as white disposable dishes and a vase of flowers. 

Serve plenty of food & drinks

I always like to start my guests with a cocktail or a glass of wine when they arrive. It’s also nice to have an appetizer out for guests to snack on while you are finishing up dinner. Having a full bar out where guests can make drinks is a great option, but I also like to make a pitcher drink like sangria ahead of time so that I don’t have to keep making drinks all night and can spend time chatting. For dinner, I want to make sure my guests have enough to go back for seconds, so keep that in mind when deciding how much food to make. If there are leftovers, there is no reason to be upset because it just means lunch or dinner for tomorrow. 🙂 

Enjoy yourself!

The fun of having people over is to have a great time! So, let yourself enjoy your guests and don’t take it too seriously. Give yourself grace if things don’t go according to plan. Have some good conversation and don’t forget to laugh! 

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