Design Trends We Love for 2018 Pt. 4

It’s the last of our posts on the Design Trends We Love for 2018! I hope you have been enjoying these so far. I know that I have been loving sharing these and I feel inspired by all of these trends and how they have been implemented. If you haven’t seen the other posts, take a look here, here and here! We’ve covered Modern Rustic, Pink and Warmer Colors.

Large Floral Murals:

They’re feminine and fun and they add drama to a space. They work in tons of spaces – entry ways, nurseries, bathrooms, bedrooms – and they make a big impact.

via Brewster Home Fashions
via Old Home Love
via Ellie Cashman

I hope you all enjoyed these! Tell us what design trends you are loving this and would love to see more of!

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