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I’m “Teaking” These Stools With Me Everywhere | Serena & Lily Teak Stools

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I still LOVE my Teak Stools from Serena & Lily

You know those pieces that you purchase and you love them and use them so often that they come with you from house to house? A couple of those items for me is the Teak Step Stool and the Dip-Dyed Teak Stools from Serena & Lily. I purchased both of these items to go in our last home and they have come over to our current home and I plan on finding a place for them in next home as well or they will be used in our staging inventory. I just can’t imagine getting rid of them. They are quality pieces and so, so pretty! Even after all of these years, they still look great and they are in wonderful condition. I love that they have held up so well, especially with kids.

Teak Step Stools

I bought the Teak Step Stools in white for our kids’ bathroom. The color palette was gray, white and blue and I wanted something that was functional (hello…small children reaching the sink!), but that still beautiful and brought in a wood element for some warmth. When I found these stools, I knew I had to have them. They are made from teak like the name says and teak is naturally water resistant, so I knew that they would work great in a bathroom.  Once they came in we started using them, I was in LOVE. The light stain color was so perfect and the white painted legs make it feel modern and fresh. They are sturdy and so well made. I knew that I had to have a step stool for the sinks when my kids were younger, but I wanted to make sure that they were aesthetically pleasing and added to the design of the space and these certainly did.

DobsonRd103 DobsonRd097

We only lived in our last home for a little over a year, but I knew I wanted to take these stools with us to our current home. We still have them and they literally look as good now as they did then. All we do is wipe them down with a damp cloth if someone spills toothpaste on them. As my kids have started getting taller and have less of a need for a step stool, I have started thinking about using one as a side table near the bathtub to keep a towel and other essentials in reach and even moving one in the kitchen to access higher cabinets.

Jeanine_123 Jeanine_114 Jeanine_116

Dip-Dyed Stools


I actually first bought these Dip-Dyed Stools for my staging inventory, but I loved them so much that I “stole” them from my inventory and moved them into my last home. These are painted black, which they no longer sell. But they still have them in navy and white. I personally love the way the navy ones look.

Again, these stools are made from teak, so they are water resistant. They are hand crafted, so each stool is unique and I love that no two stools will be the same. Mine have knots and cracks in them and I think it adds to the character. I put them next to my bathtub in my previous home and I did the same in my current home. I use them for items that I want access to if I take a bath…which is really rare to honest, but at least they look pretty styled like I might take a bath at some point.

I feel like in our next home, I might use them as side tables in a living space to change it up and that is what is so great about these stools – they have so many possible uses!

DobsonRd161 Jeanine_174 Jeanine_176 Jeanine_180

cyber monday deals

I couldn’t not share some of my favorite pieces from Serena & Lily on Cyber Monday, especially when they are offering 25% off right now!

Here are my top items I have been eyeing:

  1. Avery Alpaca Throw – This throw blanket comes in three different color combos. My favorite is Mink/Coastal and it looks so soft and cozy!
  2. Balboa Bed – Rattan & brass? Yes, please! This bed is GORGEOUS!
  3. Flynn Single Wall Sconce – I have been waiting for these sconces to come in for an upcoming flip project. They were the first thing I chose for the kitchen and I love the mix of rattan brass again. Seeing a theme?
  4. Atlelier Rectangular Coffee Table – It’s simple and pretty and I love that you can style on top and below.
  5. Parkwood Swivel Chair – I love a good swivel chair, but for this one you can customize your fabric and the wood detail on the bottom as well.
  6. Hanging Rattan Bench – I have wanted a hanging chair for forever, but then I saw the bench and now I think I need that in my next house somewhere!

shop the serena & lily sale

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