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How to Style a Vacation-Worthy Bedroom

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There's No Place like home...

Here at Blissful Design Studio, we take vacation seriously. One thing that a team full of globe-trotting creatives is all too familiar with is that post-vacay depression. After all, what’s worse than leaving a luxe suite with picturesque views, only to come back to routine and responsibility! No, thank you! Luckily, that feeling never lasts too long for us, because we know just how to take our vacation home with us. Use these simple styling hacks to turn your bedroom from daily drab to luxury suite and you will surely extend your stay. We’re showing you how to style a vacation-worthy bedroom!

via The Surfrider Hotel

via The Surfrider Hotel 

LAyered & Textured Bedding

Where else to start with upgrading your bedroom than the main event, your bedding. We love what Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel in Australia and The Surfrider Hotel in Malibu have done with their suites. Instead of the uniform and staunch decor many hotels adorn their rooms with, these hotels have done a lovely job with already making you feel at home! They succeed at this because they know how to mix and match texture when it comes to bedding. You can try this yourself by using different textures and adding in a quilt or throw. Bonus points by adding in a destination themed pillow, Watson’s Bay does this by using nautical themed pillows to highlight the Australian coast.

A Soothing Color Palette

Who doesn’t love to relax while they’re on vacation? Taking a moment to one’s self while away from obligations is one of the main reasons to take a vacation, right? And while you may not be able to physically get away from it all, choosing a soothing color palette can really help you take your relaxation to the next level. Choose blue and green accents to create feelings of calm and harmony, and stay away from reds and oranges since they tend to increase energy. Sticking to a cooler or neutral color palette is guaranteed to send you on your way to zen. 

A Statement Headboard

A trait that can make anything memorable is being one-of-a-kind. A styling tip that will set your master bedroom apart and take you back to your vacation is including a statement headboard. Our favorite inspiration comes from Lido House in Newport and The Scott in Scottsdale. Try choosing a headboard that will fit within your color palette, and you’ll forget that you aren’t on a wellness retreat in Sedona.

Images via The Scott, Soho London, Grand Hotel – Stockholm

via Ett Hem


Nothing sets the ambiance more in a room than amazing lighting. Hotels do this well by choosing the best lighting to help us get things done. We want to chose lighting that helps us to be able to see clearly, and make it so we don’t struggle with fine print! The best way to do this is to pick the right light-bulbs, LED lighting will generally give the best visibility, while halogen lights can emit a warm and subtle glow throughout the room. 

Images via Saint Andrea, The Scott, Hotel Kungsträdgården

via Artist Residence UK

A "wow" moment

You don’t need to overthink this. Creating a “wow,” moment is what happens when you’ve tied all of the tips together, and you can take a step back, and see the masterpiece you’ve created. Now, all that you have left to do is bask in the vacation you’ve created at home and enjoy your vacation-worthy bedroom!

Images via Saint Andrea, Hotel Sanders, Blackberry Farm

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