One Room Challenge Spring 2020 | Girl’s Bedroom Makeover Week 2

Hey there! It’s Week 2 of the Spring 2020 One Room Challenge in Partnership with Better Homes & Garden. If you remember from last week, I am working on a girls’ bedroom makeover for my daughter, Addison. 

In last week’s post I shared about my plans for the room and the color inspiration that we decided on. I am totally loving the color palette and I think it’s going to be beautiful…but can I be honest with you?? I have not gotten many things figured out since this last week. Believe me, I’ve tried. But I feel like I have been frozen with indecision. As much as I really love this color palette, I feel as though I should have found an art piece or rug first that we both loved and used that as the jumping off point. I feel like I am struggling to find a rug that is going to bring in the colors that I was hoping to incorporate, while allowing me to have fun with pillows and work with whatever color we choose to paint the wall above the wall moldings that we already have. I had 2 separate design boards going that I was really excited about, but when I sat down today to pull the trigger on the bed that my daughter really wanted it was sold out…like literally everywhere that I had seen it – Target, Amazon, Joss & Main, Wayfair – every single shop no longer had them and the estimated back in stock date was July 9th. So that bed no longer worked. Which is too bad because the color was really pretty and she was really excited about the idea of a day bed. Here is the bed below in case you were wondering what it looked it. Would have been cute, right?

The other headboard option I liked is from One King’s Lane and it’s really, really cute. However, now that I’ve waited the shipping times have been extended as well and I’m wondering if I’ve waited too long to order that one as well. Also, I am trying to keep the makeover budget at $1,000 and this will take up a good chunk of that budget…like close to half. So, it’s probably not worth it.

You might be wondering at this point if I have gotten anything accomplished for this girls’ bedroom makeover and the answer is – yes! I have purchased the area rug for my girls’ bedroom makeover and it’s SO PRETTY! It’s from CC & Mike The Shop and I think the colors will work perfectly for what I am hoping to accomplish in my daughter’s room. Here is the rug. Good, huh??

I’ve been scouring Pinterest and Instagram for rooms that inspire me and ways to incorporate moments that I love into Addison’s bedroom makeover. We already have a rattan chair in the corner of her room, but I want to try to hang it from the ceiling. I love the way that Timber Trails Homes layered in pillows and throws and made it feel so cozy. 


The wall that I want to put a desk on is not all that long and will be right next to the corner where the chair will hang (hopefully!). I think that a small desk and chair are really the only option. I love the idea of building in a floating desk like the one below, but there is not a wall that we can build into. I guess it would have to be just floating on the wall, which I think could also work. Which option do you like best – a small freestanding desk or a floating desk? 

girl's bedroom makeover small desk

So...what have we actually accomplished in The Plan??

Well, if I were crossing off what we have done so far, then there wouldn’t be much done yet. But at least there are a couple things I can mark as done for this bedroom makeover. 

  1. A brand new color palette.
  2. Add more storage.
  3. Add a desk.
  4. Get a new rug.
  5. Switch out the lighting.
  6. Move her dresser into the closet.
  7. Hang the chair in the corner.
  8. Add art.
  9. Replace the curtain panels.
  10. Add other new furniture.

I’m actually sitting in Flagstaff right now at 10:45 at night outside next to a fire while it’s 48 degrees and since we haven’t been home since yesterday morning, so I am not able to show you anything that has happened so far. I am hoping to have more done by next week and to present you with a completed design board and also some progress photos of her room.

In the meantime, make sure you check out the featured designers and other fellow guest designers. There are some really great projects going on that you are going to want to check out!

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