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It’s time for a little change…

If you caught my Walkthrough Wednesday Instagram stories yesterday then you know that I am in the process of doing a little room refresh on my bedroom. Don’t get me wrong, I really loved my room as is, but whether it’s the fact that I’m a designer or an enneagram 7, I need to change things up every so often. We’ve lived in our home for a little over 2 years and this is the longest at any of my homes that I have gone without making changes. It’s an occupation hazard. See something I love, purchase it for my home and move the other item into my staging inventory.


How this room refresh started…

The way that this room refresh started is that I bought an area rug that I absolutely love and I it was originally going to be the main bedroom of our cabin in Pine. But if you have been following along with that project at all then you know it’s been delayed way longer than we thought and I was antsy to use this rug. I already needed to replace the area rug in our room due to the fact that I didn’t use a rug pad under it and it got bunched up and wrinkled to the point that it would no longer lay flat.

Once I swapped the rug out I realized that the pillows and bedding were not quite working. And to be honest, I wasn’t too heartbroken to have to get some new throw pillows. I have a little bit of a pillow obsession if we are being completely honest! This is a safe space, right?? 🙂

Before I did anything else though, I looked for art to go above the bed. It’s something I have been wanting to add for a while and I really wanted something with a more collected feel to it. I found a really pretty digital art print and I used Framebridge frame it in vintage brass frame. I love how it turned out!

My pillows are from my friend, Lauren’s shop, Elsie Home. They are perfect for this new look I wanted to create, which is warm and earthy and a good mix and modern and traditional. Her pillows are priced on the higher side, but they are so beautiful, high quality and made to withstand an epic pillow fight and every day life. My new duvet cover will be white and I have a new quilt that is a fog gray. I think this will brighten everything up and keep it from feeling so beige on tan on beige.

The problem areas

Right now I have a large art piece above my dresser that I love, but really no longer works in space with the new look. I also don’t want to compete with the new art that will hang over the bed. Right now, I think my plan is to purchase I matching mirror to the one that leans on my husband’s dresser. Is that too matchy matchy?? It might be and so I am not 100% sure that is the direction I am going yet.

The sofa is staying, but I want to swap out the throw pillows to better suit the color palette.

I would say the biggest issue I am having is the fact that I want to incorporate a beautiful floor mirror into my room, not only is there not a good place for it considering all of the usable walls and taken up by dressers and beds, but it might feel like too many mirrors if we both have mirrors above our dressers and a large floor mirror. I want to convince my husband that he no longer needs a dresser so I can make my floor mirror dreams come true. Does that sound too harsh? Maybe…But when you see the photos that are inspiring me maybe you can help me make this a reality?

via McGee & Co via Anthropologie via Crate & Barrel Master Bedroom Refresh

I’m hoping to have this little refresh done in the next couple of weeks, but I’m not under any time constraints. So I want to make sure I am really loving the pieces that I am choosing and being patient if needed. That’s not my strongest character trait. Can’t wait to share the final look with you!


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