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Blissful Home Capsule 2020

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2020 has been an interesting year, am I right?! Our homes have become even more important and truly where we are spending so much of our time. I thought it would be great to share 10 foundational pieces of a well designed home that you can build on in your home now and any home to come. A lot of these pieces can make a huge impact, but don’t have to cost you a lot. But these are great areas to invest in, as they really do help you achieve a well rounded space. Building off of these 10 design areas, can help narrow down where to start or what to focus on within the home and make it way less overwhelming to design a space. I can’t wait to share, so let’s get started!

1. open Shelves

Open shelves are having a moment right now and we love adding that element into our designs. Having shelving instead of crowding upper cabinetry is way to save money and add a great designer feel. I love them for displaying functional pieces, as well as decorative pieces. You can also easily change out cabinets for shelves in laundry rooms, bar areas or add them to office spaces or kids’ rooms. There are so many places to use open shelves and you can define or add to the style of the space depending on what type of shelves you choose – whether they are wood, marble or metal.

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2. Art Pieces

Art pieces are a great inspiration piece for a room and a must have in our home capsule. They really anchor the room, creating a design focus and overall feeling for the space. You can also take the colors from the art piece to create a color palette for the room, helping you narrow down what accessories to use in the space. Investing in great art is a great and simple way to create a design for your room.

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3. Greenery

Scottsdale, AZ vacation rental

Plants add such warmth to any space. They are inviting, add so much texture and invite anyone in to sit and enjoy the space. It’s easy to forget to add this layer to a space, but adding plants elevate any room from functional to enjoyable. I’ve added our favorite faux plants if your thumb isn’t quite green and our favorite planters if you love a good live plant. Or you can add faux greenery to a great planter and no one has to know it’s not real. Shhh…we won’t tell! 

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5. Entry Tables and Benches

An entry way table or bench really can make a statement right away and can create the perfect welcoming moment for you, your family, and guests. We love benches for an easy casual feel, layered with pillows. It’s cozy and offers a place for kids to sit down and remove their shoes. Tables are just as pretty and slightly more functional, allowing for hidden storage in drawers or a place to throw your keys with a cute bowl or tray on top.  Here are our favorite entry way tables and benches and if you need more entryway inspiration, you can read this post

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6. Pillows

Would this be a true home capsule without pillows? I don’t think so! I absolutely love how changing the pillows can change the feel of a space! And let’s be honest, you can never have too many throw pillows. They are a simple yet impactful piece that really change the design of your home, make it feel cozy and add pattern, texture and color to a room. You can use them to give you an updated or refreshed space without needing to change the furniture. Here are some of our favorite pillows and you can always find more by following us on the app!

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6. Small Accessories

Oh man, I could accessorize for hours! There is something so fun about being able to mix and match textures to create a beautiful moment within the room. I love to add beads, books and other small touches to spaces to add that elevated and thoughtful feeling on a coffee table or dresser. This is an important and sometimes overlooked design element in a space. Having these moment showcase what you love, your memories and hobbies through the books and other accessories you choose to display. Here are some accessories we love and they will really add that unique feel to your home.

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7. Bedding

Beautiful bedding in a home capsule is a must in my opinion and place to invest since you want to be comfortable. You spend a good amount of time in bed. But also a well-layered and beautifully made bed really elevates the look of a bedroom. We are huge fans of white sheets. They look crisp and clean and remind me of being in a nice hotel and who doesn’t like to bring that feeling home with them? We have a whole post about bringing that vacation feel home with you and bedding is one of those ways. There are many comfy and inspired favorites of ours that you can use as a base to refresh your cozy bedroom space.

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8. Dishes & Serveware

You guys already know that I love to host the perfect gathering and having pretty dishes, glassware and serve ware is also important for that, but also for everyday use as well. White dishes are classic and you cannot go wrong with having a great set of white dishes and matching serve ware. But it’s also a great place to add some texture and pattern into your kitchen as well. Make sure you have your foundation pieces, such as dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, wine glasses, beverage glasses, salad bowl, serving platter and pitcher and then you can add in some other pieces as needed.  

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9. Rugs

Living Room + Edgemont Vacation Rental + Blissful Design Studio

A good rug can set the tone for your whole home by defining spaces in the room and adding so much interest – whether it’s pattern, color, texture or a cozy moment underfoot. When choosing the rug for your space remember to think about what size will fit best in your home. The rug should help define the room and furniture pieces should fit well around and on top of the rug space. I also love how rugs can be a focal point or a neutral point in the room. Here are some of our favorite rugs.

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10. Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are a great addition to any space in the home, which is why they are included in the home capsule. They can be used in the living room for additional seating and a pop of color. Or they make a cozy addition to a bedroom as a place to relax with your morning coffee or a good book. They can be bold and fun or cozy and neutral. I love being able to add a great chair to a space to make a design statement. Some of our favorites are below!

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Brittany has staged over 500 homes and designed over 250 homes. When she is not designing, you can find her reading, traveling or trying out a new restaurant. She lives in Tempe, Arizona with her husband and 3 kids. 

I'm Brittany — real estate investor, designer & home stager.

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