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Work from home in an inspiring space.

Creating an Inspiring At-Home Work Space

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When you suddenly work from home...

You guys! What a crazy last couple of weeks this has been. If you are like me, you went from working at your office or studio to staying at home and homeschooling your kids and trying to figure out this new normal schedule that is really not a schedule. It has not been an easy transition. I haven’t worked from home with my kids at home for a few years now and I forgot how easy it was to not get anything done. Someone always needs something or they’re fighting over a game (or a remote if you aren’t worrying about screen time…no judgements here)! Or you are trying to work from the couch, but you keep getting distracted by binge watching The Great British Baking Show (I mean, not me…just kidding! Totally me!). If you need to designate a space or revamp your current home office, then this is totally for you! We are sharing 5 steps for creating an inspiring at-home work space.

Here is the deal…you didn’t plan for this situation and you might be struggling to find the right space for a home office. You need a space that inspires you, invites you to work and makes you happy to be there! This can be a designated space, like a literal room used as an office. Or maybe you are snagging space at your dining table or kitchen counter or a corner of your bedroom. We have ways for you to make this space a place that you can get work done!

Work from home in an inspiring space.

#1: Determine Your Style

This might not seem important for your home office space since this is only a temporary situation, but we don’t really know how long this stay at home thing is going to last. This is a place that you may have to spend some time in over the next few weeks, so why not make it a place that you want to be. 

So how do you do that? How do you figure out if you prefer cozy minimalist or farmhouse chic? Start pinning images of offices that you love and that you think you might want to have. Look at what what the common elements are in those rooms and incorporate those things. How do you want to feel when you are in there – focused, relaxed, happy?Do you want the style match your home and feel cohesive. If you are choosing to make an office in a corner of your bedroom or living room, then you probably want to make sure that it feels like an extension of that current space. 

Inspiring home office

#2: Find an Inspiration piece

Find a rug, art piece or pillow that expresses the type of feel, brand colors, etc that you want in your space and use that as a jumping off point for your color scheme, design style, etc. This could be something you purchase (support small business if you can!) or something you already have in your home.

Once you have a piece that inspires your color scheme you can choose the other elements in the room that will work that piece. For instance in my office, I have an art piece with dark blue, terra-cotta, green and gold hanging on my wall that I used as my color scheme jumping off point and the accessories and pillows I chose for my office work with that art piece. 

At-home Work Space

#3: Decide on what furniture pieces you need

Decide on what you need in your office for it to be stylish and functional for you. How you use your space will determine the furniture that you need.

Here are some basic items that you might want to consider. Obviously if you are starting from scratch then you will need a lot of these items, but if you are taking up a part of the dining room, then you won’t need to work about a desk or adding a comfy chair.

  • A desk (but how big does it need to be? Do you have multiple screens or are you just using it with a laptop? Maybe you don’t like to sit and want a standing desk?)
  • A chair (invest in a comfy chair with plenty of back support!) Do you want a stationary chair or an office that rolls around?
  • Do you work better in a comfy chair or sofa? Make sure you have that in your office!
  • Keep yourself organized  with storage furniture like bookcases and filing cabinets. Working in a cluttered space is not enjoyable and can be more stressful. Who needs more stress these days? 
  • What sort of lighting do you need? Do you have natural light or do you need task lighting?
Home Office Inspiration

#4: Time to accessorize!

I tend to choose furniture pieces that are more natural, so that I can change around art, pillows and accessories to give my office a new look if I want to. 

What sort of accessories should you choose?

  • Things that make you happy – frames with photos of friends and family.
  • Books that inspire you or that you want to read.
  • Letter boards with funny or inspirational quotes.
  • Candles to create a relaxing or energizing environment. 
  • Fresh flowers or greenery – they make the whole room feel cheerful!
  • Notebooks, pens, tape – whatever you need to get your job done!
  • Pillows and throws – because who doesn’t like to be cozy when they work sometimes?
  • A bar cart with cute glasses for cocktails. I mean, who doesn’t need a cocktail after homeschooling and working??
  • A lock for your door…sometimes you just need to keep people out to get work done. 🙂 
 I hope that we have inspired you to create an inspiring at-home work space that you can use and enjoy for as long as you need to. Here are a couple of mood boards to help you get started. Most stores are still available to ship to your door or for pick-up. 

Mood board #1

At-home Work Space Mood Board

Shop the look!

Mood Board #2

At-home Work Space Mood Board

Shop the look!

If you are looking for some more inspiration for your home, check out our Highland Project Reveal and our Interior Inspiration: Entry Ways post. 

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