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Pine Cabin: Project Reveal

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I could not love this cabin more!

This project was years in the making…like literally over 2 years. That is longest I have had to wait for a project to be completed. We had a lot of set backs with permits and weather and just straight up pushing this project off to focus on other projects. But it’s finally done and I could not love it more. If you want to catch up on the previous posts, you can do that here and here!

the design elements

warm, cozy, natural and lots of texture

Living Room

The living room is definitely on the smaller side. But it is full of layers, texture and warmth. All of the things that you want to have when you are in a cabin. The wall treatment and ceiling beams run throughout the whole great room and I love how it turned out. You can see in the before photo that the front door used to be in the living room. We closed that off and made it a large window and closed in another window in order to make the space better for plenty of seating. There used to be large wood burning fireplace that we had plans to replace and move into the corner, but we hit a big of snag and it somehow got left off of the plans that were submitted to the city. We had to proceed without it for now, but the plan is to go back and add that. I am a sucker for a fireplace anywhere, but especially in a cozy cabin.

I always knew that I wanted to have a leather sofa in the living room. I love this one from Living Spaces – it has a deeper seat, but the back is shorter which keeps the space from feeling closed off. For additional seating, I chose a love seat. It’s long enough to lay down on to watch TV or for a few kids to cuddle on together. The rug that I chose was not the original rug I had in mind. I thought I wanted a plaid for sure, but when I found this beautiful wool rug I fell in love with the texture and the color. It really tied in the beautiful cooler colors from the art print from North & Finch. The accessories are a mixture of pieces that should hopefully stay safe during guests’ stays. I might hide that glass candle and just bring it out for me. Haha.


BEFORE BEFORE AFTER AFTER pinecanyon-32 pinecanyon-72 pinecanyon-81 pinecanyon-74 pinecanyon-79

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Dining room

When we first stayed in the cabin before we started the renovation, the previous owners left their dining table and chairs. And I knew that we needed a larger space for our family and guests to use when staying there. The best way for us to gain space was to build a built in bench in the corner for a lot of seating. Plus, having a bench allowed us to push the table further back towards the wall and it gave us a little more room. The table I found from Pottery Barn was the perfect size for this space and I love color. It’s more narrow, which allowed for plenty of clearance for extra chairs.

I have been wanting to use this pendant light in a kitchen for a while now and I thought that using  it here above the dining room would be perfect. I’m super excited about how this space turned out and I can’t wait to sit here for so many game nights with friends and family.

BEFORE BEFORE AFTER AFTER pinecanyon-47 pinecanyon-43 pinecanyon-76 pinecanyon-68 pinecanyon-118

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Over two years ago I designed this kitchen and I kept waiting and waiting to get it see it all come together. And. I. LOVE. IT. This cabinet color is so good – the perfect warm, dark taupe. It’s called Warm Stone from Sherwin Williams. I knew that all of the walls were going to be white, so I felt comfortable doing a darker, moodier kitchen. I knew that it was a risk since the space was on the smaller side. But beofre it was even smaller. We were make it larger by bumping the bar out and moving the refrigerator down as well. This also allowed us to add a run of countertops and cabinets on what is now the range wall. Before the previous owners just had a little storage shelf on the floor.

Can we talk about these pendant lights, please?? I am obsessed with the ribbing on the glass. They feel timeless and I feel like they elevate the kitchen to feel maybe a little fancier than a regular cabin kitchen. The brass ties into the unlacquered brass cabinet hardware from Rejuvenation. There are 3 different cabinet hardware in this kitchen and I like the look of the mix and match with the different pulls on the drawers and we kept it simple with the knobs for the doors.

We made the decision to mix closed cabinetry and open shelves. In this size kitchen, if I were living there, I probably would have done more closed cabinetry. But since this is a vacation rental we opted for more open shelving so that we didn’t have cabinetry over the sink. You guys know I love styling open shelves. However, the night before photos I was absolutely panicking that I didn’t have enough accessories to fill them. And in Pine at 7pm, there are not many options for place to shop for home items. My sister and I made a trip to Payson to the local Walmart and picked up some dishes and bowls and I think it all worked out okay. Most the accessories are a mixture from a few local stores here in Phoenix,  Market by Modern Nest and The Lifestyled Co. And you know I have some pieces in here from McGee & Co. Can’t resist!

BEFORE BEFORE AFTER AFTER pinecanyon-87 pinecanyon-108 pinecanyon-64 pinecanyon-85 pinecanyon-107 pinecanyon-49 pinecanyon-86

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Main Bedroom

This bedroom used to be dark and dingy and now it is so warm and cozy and textural. This rug makes my heart so happy. I started designing this room with the art piece from North & Finch and I loved being able to pull the combination of warm and cool colors from the gray upholstered bed from Living Spaces and the area rug. Not sure about you guys, but I love a good layered bed and that includes a lot of throw pillows. The Pottery Barn pillows mixed with the floral pillows from McGee & Co add subtle movement to the bed.

This dresser from Living Spaces is so pretty and I kind of want to buy one for my house too. I love it paired with the leather chair and tree in the corner. It’s a pretty moment.

I’m telling you, I have stayed in this room already a couple of times and it’s a retreat. So restful and so cozy.


BEFORE BEFORE AFTER AFTER pinecanyon-100 pinecanyon-101 pinecanyon-12 pinecanyon-3 pinecanyon-15

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Guest bedrooms

This cabin has 3 bedrooms total. They were both close to the same size, but the one on the left was a little larger and the the way that it was laid out made it more conducive to a single bed. We could easily fit a queen bed in here and I think this room is perfectly layered between the leather headboard, the striped duvet cover, the vintage looking rug and and the satin quilt. To save room on the nightstands, I added wall sconces and I think it adds some additional visual interest on the wall.

The other room one was small no matter what, but it had to function as a bunk bed room. We wanted to make this cabin work for our family and we have 3 kids, so I thought it would be fun to have a triple bunk bed. My cousin actually built these for us and I chose this gorgeous blue color to tie into the area rug. The shelves at the end of the beds are perfect for storing luggage to keep the floors clear. Adding a little accent chair adds another layer of coziness to the room.

BEFORE BEFORE AFTER AFTER pinecanyon-114 pinecanyon-9 pinecanyon-6 BEFORE BEFORE AFTER AFTER pinecanyon-28 pinecanyon-95 AFTER

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There is only one bathroom in this cabin, so you know it had to be a good one! This bathroom started as a single vanity, but there needed to be two sinks and we had the room to do it. We even had room to add an additional storage cabinet.

These bathroom floors…I cannot even. I LOVE how they turned out. And I am so glad that the first floor that I picked was out of stock because these second choice floor tiles ended up making this whole bathroom.

Again, I was a little nervous to do a darker cabinet color in this small space, but the walls, shower tile and countertops kept it light and bright. But we kept it moody with the black faucets and lighting.

I wanted to bring some pretty elements into the space to make it feel as cozy as the rest of the cabin. The corner table adds a place for some pretty accessories and the bowls on the countertop are a great place to throw your jewelry and watches to keep them safe.

BEFORE BEFORE AFTER AFTER pinecanyon-112 pinecanyon-110 pinecanyon-17 pinecanyon-23 pinecanyon-60

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The Outside

The biggest change you will see for this cabin is not even the inside, but the outside of the cabin. Not only did we paint it a bold and beautiful black, but we extended the deck a lot…like a lot, a lot. Which was 100% needed because the space inside is small and this deck space gives us almost double the space to hang out. The hot tub is my favorite part since it’s the perfect place to hang out when it’s cold outside with a drink and look at the stars.

There are two outdoor seating areas – one on the deck and one on the side of the house. Maybe we will add a fire pit out there at some point? Last time I was there, I curled up on the sofa under the deck and watched the rain. It was magical.

BEFORE BEFORE AFTER AFTER pinecanyon-133 pinecanyon-134 pinecanyon-122 pinecanyon-129 pinecanyon-143

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additional sources

Photography: Elizabeth Lawlor Photography

Wall Color: Simply White by Benjamin Moore

Cabinet Color: Warm Stone by Sherwin Williams

Exterior Base: Black Magic by Sherwin Williams

Exterior Trim: Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams

Kitchen Backsplash: Cle Tile


I hope you guys loved this reveal! We have other exciting projects that I hope to share with you soon!

Until then…you can check out My holiday home tour from last year!

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