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Muy Bonita: A Scottsdale Home Stage

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This home sold before it even
went on the market!

Often times I am able to share staging done for the flips I design, like this home I designed for our Stephanie Project. Today though, I get to show how we approached a vacant home staging for a realtor client of ours in Scottsdale on Bonita. This house was already beautifully designed to begin with, but with the staging touches we added, the buyers were easily able to imagine themselves in this space. 

Aiding the Layout

The majority of buyers are not able to visualize the layout of the spaces within the home. With wide open layouts buyers get the open concept that they love, but with that also comes large empty spaces that end up being a distraction for buyers. Even with tastefully designed spaces it can be hard for the potential buyer to imagine how their furniture would look in the space or how the layout would work in the open concept. Where would their couch go? Would the rug fit? How long is their table again and can it fit 6 dining chairs?

When selling a house you want buyers to minimize any distractions. This helps the buyers fall in love with the life they could live if they bought the house. With the right staged furniture in place it is easy for buyers to replace our staged layout of furniture with their own furnishings and imagine themselves in the home!

Adding warmth

Here at Blissful Design Studio, we say “We make empty homes feel like homes to potential buyers so you can sell homes quickly and for a higher profit.” When walking through an empty house it can feel rather empty and cold. This can also be distracting for potential buyers. Bringing warmth to the space through home staging with plants, table settings, and other decor helps clients feel at home and comfortable.

It says to the buyer, come on in, grab a seat, stay a while!

This cozy feeling is something the buyer feels in their current home and something they want to feel in their new home. When staging we also add this warmth through small decor moments in the bathrooms and staging the bedroom completes this feeling. Buyers can imagine getting ready for bed and resting wonderfully in their new home.

Sold fast!

Let’s be honest this home was already beautifully designed. This realtor knew that with adding staging, this home would sell fast, and they were right!

This home sold before it even went on the market!

The buyers could most definitely imagine their life in this space from the moment they walked through those doors. They could easily fall in love with the open concept shown through our staging layout, the warm touches and being able to imagine themselves in this beautiful home. 

Shop the look!

Photography: LifeCreated

Design: Molly Rundle

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Meet Brittany

Brittany Krupnik is a real estate investor, designer and home stager. She creates spaces where life can be enjoyed - whether that is reimagining a space and bringing it back to life through flipping, helping someone envision themselves and the life they can have in a new home through staging or designing a vacation rental that serves as the backdrop for families and friends to create memories.

Brittany has staged over 500 homes and designed over 250 homes. When she is not designing, you can find her reading, traveling or trying out a new restaurant. She lives in Tempe, Arizona with her husband and 3 kids. 

I'm Brittany — real estate investor, designer & home stager.

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