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Interior Inspiration: Spring Color Palettes

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By now, when Spring rolls around, we’re used to tones of pink, yellow, and blue pastels. While these shades are beautiful, nonetheless, seeing pastels for spring are just like seeing florals for spring, and as the great Miranda Priestly once said “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.

That’s why, for our spring color palette, we’ve chosen muted hues from around the globe to help you feel a little less stuck and to help you continue to refresh your space

Vintage European

via Travel & Leisure

Our first stop on our Spring inspiration trek is old world Europe. We’re totally in love with these subtle grey and blue tones while the taupe brings a hint of warmth, just like summer arriving after spring. 

via Jolie Home
via Scrapbook Your Family Tree
via Instagram

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Tamed Wilds


The next stop on our inspiration journey keeps some of our initial neutral tones, but brings in vivid green and blue hues. The colors are reminiscent of spring foliage against a blue sky and tame enough to remind us of a wilderness venture, all while keeping us warm and cozy at home.  

via LinenLark
via The Southern Coterie

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Art // Basket

Sunset Oasis

via Bali Interiors

Our last stop includes the ambient hues of a desert sunset. When you think of this palette, don’t simply think of the tans of desert sands and green cacti. Think also of the pinks and blues that illuminate the evening sky. 

via Tono + Co
via Orchard Farm Soap

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Brittany has staged over 500 homes and designed over 250 homes. When she is not designing, you can find her reading, traveling or trying out a new restaurant. She lives in Tempe, Arizona with her husband and 3 kids. 

I'm Brittany — real estate investor, designer & home stager.

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