One Room Challenge Spring 2020 | Girl’s Bedroom Makeover Week 3

Hey, hey! Sooo…this post should have been done yesterday. But this week has been a little crazy and yesterday my team and myself (along with my husband and kids) installed a new vacation rental in Pine, AZ. It was an all-day event and by the end of the night and a water leak later, I decided to head to bed and post this today instead.   

It’s Week 3 of the Spring 2020 One Room Challenge in Partnership with Better Homes & Garden.  I am working on a girls’ bedroom makeover for my daughter, Addison and we are finally making some progress. If you remember from last week’s post, not much happened and we hit quite a few road blocks. 

This week though, we were able to make some decisions and get some items ordered and I am thrilled with how this room design is coming together. Do I have some progress photos of her room for you? Well, no. To be honest, we haven’t started on any changes yet. We have been really focused on making sure that the design is something both of us really love. And we have gone back and forth on bed options and we finally found one that both of us like a lot! Want a sneak peek? I love the scalloped detail and it will work so well with the rug that we ordered from CC & Mike The Shop that came in this week. 

We also chose picked a paint color to go above the wall moldings in her room. If you remember what her room currently looks like, you will see that she currently has a pretty bright pink. And while we were both into it when we chose it, we are not loving it any longer. 

We ended up choosing a blushy beige color called Artistic Taupe by Sherwin Williams. It’s subtle and has a warmer undertone, which I really like. It also really looks beautiful with the rug. However, for the sake of not making a mistake and wanting to see it in a larger size and in different lighting, I ordered peel and stick paint samples of this color and the shade lighter from Samplize.

artistic taupe
Artistic Taupe

We have a few more items that we need to source, but we did find some really beautiful off white velvet drapery panels that we ordered. They are blackout panels, which is perfect for a tween girl who has started to sleep in more often. Especially since summer means that it gets brighter even earlier. Here is the most updated design board that I have. I’m excited about the direction that it’s going!!  

Again, not a lot has happened. I am definitely one of those people who thrives on approaching deadlines and knowing that I have 4 weeks left has not yet kicked me into gear. But also, now that we have been able to get some important items ordered and on their way, I feel like we are going to start really making some changes soon. So, I crossed off replace the curtain panels off of the list in the spirit of making progress. We have not technically replaced them yet, but they have been delivered. Is that close enough?? 

  1. A brand new color palette.
  2. Add more storage.
  3. Add a desk.
  4. Get a new rug.
  5. Switch out the lighting.
  6. Move her dresser into the closet.
  7. Hang the chair in the corner.
  8. Add art.
  9. Replace the curtain panels.
  10. Add other new furniture.

I’m actually sitting in Flagstaff right now at 10:45 at night outside next to a fire while it’s 48 degrees and since we haven’t been home since yesterday morning, so I am not able to show you anything that has happened so far. I am hoping to have more done by next week and to present you with a completed design board and also some progress photos of her room.

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