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What I’m Loving in 2023

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What’s in for 2023?

I know a lot of designers are sharing their predictions for 2023 design trends and although I have some things I am excited to see more of, this post is more than just design. And that’s because although I do design homes through flipping and staging, I am not your typical interior designer. I think I’ve tried for too long to make this feel like me (my brand, my business) is just design based. When in fact my life is made up of so much more and maybe even less design than you might think. So while I absolutely adore design and I love designing spaces, I’m not the expert in the whole world of design and that’s okay. This post will be a hybrid. I’ll share some design trends that I am excited about for sure – mainly because you will see them in our new build that will be starting this year. But overall, it will be a little more reflective of the things I want to bring more of into my life and business in the coming year as well.

With ALL of that being said, let’s get to it!

2023 Design Trends

moody colors

Don’t get me wrong…I still love a good white wall. Benjamin Moore White Dove is still the prettiest wall color. But over the last couple of years, dark and moody colors have really become more prevalent in design and I am here for it. There is something so striking about dark walls or a moody space with depth and dimension that I can’t wait to see more of this year. And I think we’re going to see more of these dark colors show up not only in wall and ceiling colors, but in furniture pieces as well.

Right now, I have some dark green chairs that I’m obsessed with in my living room and we will most likely be painting the dining room in our new build a dark, moody color and I cannot wait to see it all come together, so you will be seeing me use this trend in my personal design as well.

Design: Studio McGee Design: Haus Love Interiors Design: Blissful Design Studio Design: Blissful Design Studio

statement marble

Ok, this is one trend that I am glad is still around and I hope it stays for a while because I have some plans in our upcoming new build for some really beautiful stone moments. I love the dramatic veining and all of the color variation that you can get. But I think you can make a big impact with subtle veining and more tonal color variation as well. And I know I said statement marble, but I love this look in quartz and other materials like soapstone as well. I love a visual wow moment and I love that using slabs are not just for the countertop any longer. Slab splash, anyone?

Design: Kristin Forgione | The Lifestyled Co Design: Jake Arnold Design: Jake Arnold Design: Blissful Design Studio

european influence

Maybe this is just a personal preference, but I hope that this trend is just a permanent design element. Because I love spaces with European influence. I lean a little more toward an English style and I think we have seen that come to the forefront even more over the last year and I would love for it to continue.  If it’s a nod to an English country home or even an Italian villa, I’m here for it.

When we were first starting out with our new build process, I had to come up with the design style for the house and I called it European Napa. I feel like you will see nods to that throughout the home whether it’s an Italian range, a checkerboard floor, vintage art, unlacquered brass and classic silhouettes.

Design: Studio McGee Design: Studio McGee Design: Whittney Parkinson Design: The Lifestyled Co

2023 for me

Like I said before, this post is a bit of a hybrid. A little design and little personal. I think that will be a continued theme on the blog and social this year. And I’m excited to take you all along for what I hope this year holds. I haven’t chosen a word for this year. I have in years past – something that I want to represent what this year can be or something I am focusing on. I’m going to keep thinking through it. I want to welcome in more balance in my life and I think you will see that below in the list of what is in and out in 2023 for me.

There isn’t a lot of detail here, but that’s okay. I hope some of this will resonate with you as well. Feel free to take what speaks to you and make it a part of your year (or don’t if it’s out. 😁)

what’s in…


-travel (obviously!)

-cooking at home

-more focus on health

-getting enough sleep

-intentional relationships

-dinner parties

-drinking lots of water


-completed projects

-deeper conversations


-laughter with friends

-date nights

-business strategy

-simple routines

what’s out…

-not prioritizing my health

-mindless scrolling


-spending just to spend

-not following through

-my worth being attached to what I do

-proving myself

-paper plates

-being unmotivated

-a perfect feed

-doing it all

-focusing only on what’s next

-forgetting that God’s plans are better than my plans

-Doordash all the time

-only sharing “the best” projects

These lists will be added to as things come to mind, but this is what I’ve got so far. I’m looking forward to what this year brings for me. I hope and pray that it’s fulfilling and intentional. Cheers to a new year!

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What I’m Loving in 2023

What’s in for 2023? I know a lot of designers are sharing their predictions for 2023 design trends and although I have some things I am excited to see more of, this post is more than just design. And that’s because although I do design homes through flipping and staging, I am not your typical […]

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